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Structural Steel Fabrication Team in North London

Our North London site is the home of Makana Architectural Metals and Facades’ structural steel fabrication team. From here, we design and create all of our architectural metalwork and structural steel. Our construction metalworks experts are fully trained and certified, producing the high-quality metalwork projects that the Makana name is associated with.

With our North London location, we’re able to fabricate structural steel in our facility and assemble it on-site, all over London and surrounding areas. We’re perfectly positioned to serve all manner of businesses, from small to large scale projects.

Structural Steel Fabrication Process

The structural steel fabrication process consists of cutting, bending, shaping, and assembling steel to create products. Typically, sections of structural steel are created separately and then put together to create large industrial equipment, tools, or, in Makana’s case, buildings.

  • Cutting – Metal fabricators first look at blueprint plans for a steel project, deciding on the best methods for cutting, bending, and assembling. Once they know how to proceed, they can start to cut the structural steel, with a variety of methods available. They either shear, saw, or chisel the steel; at Makana, our team uses laser cutting.
  • Shaping and Assembly – After the steel has been cut, it’s bent into the proper shape. Structural steel is ductile, so it can easily be hammered into shape manually or with a machine. Once the steel pieces are bent and shaped the right way, they’re assembled to create full structures. At Makana, we cut and shape the steel at our North London facility, then assemble and install the structure on site.

The fabrication process is fairly straightforward, but it still takes skilled designers and fabricators to make Makana’s structural steel components come to life. Their expertise is especially important when we create bespoke structural steel for our clients.

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What is Architectural Metalwork?

Architectural metalwork refers to a building’s features or structures that are made of metal. This can include anything from staircases and balustrades to sculptures and balconies. It’s any architectural element that can be constructed of metal. At Makana, we produce rain screen cladding, balconies, handrails, curtain walling, and provide glazing solutions.

  • Metal in Design – In recent years, the architectural design trend of incorporating metal has increased. More and more architects and designers are relying on metal fabricators to supply their creations and fulfil their visions. By fabricating bespoke metalwork, Makana Architectural Metals and Facades work seamlessly with innovative architects, helping bring their imaginative designs to life.
  • Durability – Steel’s creative potential isn’t the only reason it’s become so popular in modern construction. Thanks to innovations in metallurgy, metal and steel are easy to shape and manipulate. As such, metal is the ideal material for architects and designers who want to think outside the box. Steel also has a long lifespan – up to 25 years. This durability is yet another reason developers turn to steel in their construction projects. Architects who design a building and order bespoke fabricated metals want to ensure their creations will last.
  • Affordable – Working with metal is also highly cost-effective. With its sturdiness and low initial expenses, architectural metalwork is well worth the investment. Makana is proud to offer accessible, high-quality, bespoke metal fabrication services to our customers.

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Architectural Metalwork and Makana Group

Makana Architectural Metals and Facades is only one subsidiary of Mankana Group. We also have branches in construction and property development. Our metal and steel works team will, therefore, fabricate metals and structural steel for our construction projects. In so doing, we’re able to keep as much of the construction project as possible under Makana staff supervision.This ensures a coherent, expedited process for our clients. It also allows us greater access to affordable, bespoke metalwork in our construction projects, should our clients require it.

Our metal and steel fabrication team also supplies our Makana Developments and Makana Homes projects. Our property development partners can take comfort in knowing that Makana work with only the best sub-contractors on our projects, and that all metal and steel work carries the high-quality Makana brand name. And in our Makana Homes division, our build-to-rent properties source our fabricated, bespoke metal. We partner with investors to find premier homes for families to live in, whether 1 bedroom flats or 3 bedroom family homes.

Makana Architectural Metals and Facades – Bespoke Metal Fabrication

With our accessible, bespoke metalwork services, Makana are able to deliver on high-quality projects all over London. Working in consultation with you, we will design, fabricate, and install architectural metalwork and structural steel that’s suited to your needs.