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Makana Architectural Metals and Facades have been serving London property developers for years, designing, fabricating, and installing bespoke metalwork. We’ve worked on many projects for big companies and small, for both residential and commercial properties. We’re happy to serve clients all over London, offering our superior quality on bespoke metalwork and fabrication.

Our Highly-Trained Staff and State-of-the-Art Facility

Makana are able to provide bespoke metalwork to London clients thanks to our qualified team of metal fabricators, working in our top-notch facility. Our metal fabricators specialise in cutting, shaping, positioning, and assembling metal, with the highest skills and the best tools to complete their jobs. In addition to reading blueprints and applying maths and mechanics skills, our fabricators oversee quality checks to ensure all of our metal and steel works are up to Makana standards.

Our North London facility is ideally located to serve clients in both the greater London area and across the UK. As innovations in metallurgy have made it a more automated process in recent years, the best metalworking facilities are on the cutting edge of metal and steel fabrication technologies. At Makana, our fabricators use laser cutting techniques and powder coating to create our bespoke architectural metalwork and structural steel.

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Which Types of Architectural Metalwork Do We Provide?

As we mentioned, Makana specialise in architectural metalwork and structural steel fabrication. We can, therefore, design and construct bespoke metal used in property development and for builders’ projects. Our most common products are rain screen cladding, balconies, handrails, curtain walling, and glazing solutions for building and construction.

We also do bespoke metalwork, like spiral staircases and balustrades. In addition to interior metalwork, we fabricate facades, for both commercial and residential properties. As metal and steel become increasingly popular architectural design options, the demand for custom metalwork grows. Makana meets this demand with our made-to-order fabrication projects.

We handle large and small scale projects, priding ourselves on outstanding service and customer satisfaction each time. We take your needs and preferences seriously, working extensively with you to design your perfect metalwork. Our aim is producing affordable, first-rate projects that leave our clients with peace of mind.

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What is the Difference Between Structural Steel and Mild Steel?

Structural steel is fabricated for use in construction works. It comes in various shapes, most of which are standard. Structural steel is stiff and durable, so it can hold up walls and other structures without sagging too much. It could contain iron and carbon, as well as other alloys like silicon, aluminium, nickel, copper, phosphorous and sulphur, or manganese.

Mild steel, on the other hand, is produced for most other consumer products that incorporate steel – car bodies, nuts and bolts, food cans, engine parts, nails and screws, and many other things. Mild steel is much more malleable and ductile than structural steel, and relatively cheap to produce. About 90% of steel products made are made with mild steel.

Our Specialty – Structural Steel Works

At Makana, we fabricate structural steel for use in buildings. We create them in all of the common structural shapes, including Universal Beams and Universal Columns, Z-shape, structural hollow section, angle, C-beams, and more. Our certified structural steel fabrication professionals create the highest quality in structural steel shapes. We’re not limited to the standard shapes when it comes to structural steel fabrication, though. With our modern facilities, we can customise our steel to fit your building’s needs.

Makana proudly serves London businesses and developers for all of their architectural metalwork and structural steel needs. By sourcing the best materials and sticking to cutting edge fabrication methods, we are a superior choice for architectural metalwork, facades, and structural steel in London.

Architectural Metalwork and Makana Group

Makana Architectural Metals and Facades is only one member of the larger Makana Group family. Each branch supports the others – which is especially the case for our metal and steel works team. Makana Construction, for instance, rely on the metal and steel fabricated at our North London facility. Since we’re able to fabricate bespoke metal, we can design the perfect metal and steel components for our construction clients. We carry over the same quality and affordability to our Makana Homes and Makana Developments branches as well.

To read more about Makana’s steel fabrication team, see our North London page. Makana Group is also a leading professional construction company in Hertfordshire, which you can read more about on our website as well.