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Makana Construction work with clients in Hertfordshire to deliver new builds, refurbishments, and conversions. Our comprehensive, client-centric approach makes us an ideal choice for large and small businesses, as well as individuals, for projects of any size. Makana works with vetted sub-contractors who share our values for customer satisfaction and attention to detail.

We take our clients through the whole process – from design to hand-over. With complete ownership of the construction from start to finish, clients are assured that Makana’s high standards are applied throughout. We also work extensively in consultation with clients, to perfect the design before we begin and provide professional advice.

New Builds, Refurbishments, and Conversions

Our expansive services as a professional construction company include building wholly new properties, refurbishing old buildings, and converting properties for a new purpose.

  • New Builds – Makana take on new construction projects throughout Hertfordshire. We’ve handled single houses, housing developments, commercial buildings, industrial units, and even community builds. With our construction services in new builds, you can start completely from scratch. You have the freedom to develop exactly the house, office building, school, or whatever type of project you’re doing. Makana will work with you to construct the building or development most suited to your needs and your budget.
  • Refurbishments – We don’t just offer services for those wanting new construction. We also take on refurbishment of old buildings and properties. No matter the scale of your project, Makana can take it on. Rather than destroy old buildings and replace them in every instance, sometimes repair and renovation work can breathe new life into a building. A building’s cultural context is one reason that tearing it down might not be the wisest option. Another is the cost. Completely new structures can be more expensive than refurbishments, depending on the amount of work needing to be done. Making a building more energy-efficient, more modern, or simply extending it are other reasons for hiring our refurbishment services.
  • Conversions – We also handle conversion construction projects. Conversions differ from refurbishments, because they may involve completely re-purposing a building. Converting an old factory into a shopping centre, making a house’s loft into an extra bedroom, and changing an old church into flats are just a few examples of conversion projects. Makana Construction can work with clients on both residential and commercial conversions, thanks to our years of experience in the building industry. As with our new builds and refurbishments, we ensure your expectations are met and even exceeded.

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Residential and Commercial Building Services

Our firm’s building services in Hertfordshire encompass residential and commercial projects. Whatever the nature of your construction project, our professional standards and attention to detail will ensure you have a completed project that’s perfectly suited to your needs.

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Residential Projects in Herfordshire

Makana provide our new build, refurbishment, and conversion building services to residential homes. We work with individuals to build, renovate, or convert individual homes. In addition, we help property developers to construct groups of homes. Whether you’re building your family’s new homestead or creating a modern housing development, we take your satisfaction seriously. We’ll discuss your needs and walk you through the entire process, from design to completion.

By including you during construction, you’ll have regular updates on your project and can ensure the project is completed on time and on budget. We apply the same standards and commitment to customer happiness with refurbishment and conversion projects as we do with new builds.

Commercial Projects in Hertfordshire

We also provide construction services for commercial properties. This wide category of construction projects could lead us anywhere from renovating an old office building to constructing a new sports complex.

We can update old commercial buildings, adjusting the energy supply, adding escalators and lifts, installing HVAC, ensuring fire safety, installing security systems, and much more. Building safety and standards are a crucial aspect of commercial building services. For property owners and developers throughout Hertfordshire, we provide affordable, high-quality commercial construction services.

Professional Construction Firm

Makana Construction are proud to serve Hertfordshire clients with our building services. Having years of experience in this business, we know how to complete top-notch construction projects within schedule and within budget. We guarantee we have a solution for whatever your needs may be and are happy to discuss our services with prospective clients.

Construction isn’t the only specialty at Makana Group. Check our London and North London pages to read about Makana Architectural Metals and Facades, and the services we offer in metalworks and structural steel fabrication.